What is APRS
APRS Logo Automatic Position Reporting System, or APRS, is a system where HAM radio operators use Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers along with their HAM radios to report their location as they move. The industry has enhanced several radios in an effort to make this as easy as possible, some including a GPS input on the back. And as such, this has made APRS a much easier process.

APRS may seem like a cute "toy" and not worthy of further investigation, but it is not. APRS is one of the most useful tools available to both SkyWarn and Emergency Communications. Without accurate positioning information, how can you reliably call in a weather event? How can you get emergency services to a particular disaster scene, especially when all other "known" landmarks may have been raked off the face of the earth? APRS allows the HAM radio operator to know and advertise their location.

Some members, if you view their details, have a graphic/map at the bottom of their "Other 'About Me' Links" section that indicates where they are. This is generated by their APRS enhanced radios.

For further information, please check out:

  • APRS by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR. This page is considered by many to be the rosetta stone to this technology
  • FindU is a service provided by some fellow HAM radio operators to track and plot APRS enabled radios...and their owners.