How To Become A Ham
Ham Radio License Manual Ok, you have the interest. Now, how do you go about becoming a ham radio operator. Well, first, you must be licensed by the FCC. The licensing process is in place to help those interested from hurting themselves, or infringing on the use of radio waves by all others in the community (fire station, police, ambulance dispatching/communications, etc.).

So, how do you get licensed? One of the easiest ways to get your first license is to buy a book on the subject, read that book, and then take the FCC license examination. The ARRL has the book listed at the right to help you in learning all you need to know to pass the FCC test. Additionally, the ATS group has a 6-8 week course that we teach, based on this book, to help you "fill in the gaps." After the completion of the course, we also facilitate the necessary FCC examination.

Then, once you have your first license, called a "Technician License," you can get on the air with Ham equipment you can buy from many different vendors. As your experience and skills grow, you can then upgrade your license to get what is called a "General License" on up to an "Extra-Class License." With each new level, new frequencies and operating modes are enabled. You can talk farther, on more frequencies with each successive license.

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Online Practice Exams
There are several "on-line" practice exams you can take to see if you are ready to tackle the "real" test. Here are just a few of them.

Amateur Radio Practice Exams
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AA9PW (out of Wisconsin)