Portability Is GOOD
Portability is a good quality, especially in an emergency situation. Being prepared, trained, and available to assist in such times is a lofty goal that many in the Society strive for.

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Portable Stations
Several other affiliated groups make use of what are called "Portable Stations" to provide service on a moments notice in time of need. These stations are really no different than a normal "Ham Shack" station, other than they are usually somewhat compact (or condensed) and somewhat more self sufficient (including their own power supply, for instance).

When you look on the web for information on portable stations, you can find a number of articles on "Go-Kits," "Jump-Kits," "ARES Emergency Stations," etc. Here are some of the articles research for this page:

As you can see from this rather small listing of portable station ideas, there are a number of interesting ones out there. But all of these have in common a few pieces of equipment:

  • Radio (UHF, VHF, and/or HF)
  • Antennas to match the radios above
  • Terminal Node Controller (or equivalent hardware) and a laptop (of some vintage or the other) to make use of digital modes.
  • Power supply to run all of the above for at least 24 hours

Depending on your skill level/interest level, you can either purchase all of the above or you can make the various items from kit form. But, taken that almost all hams have some number of radios that are no longer in service (i.e. replaced with something newer, etc.), crafting a kit with such radios in it as are listed above can be quite easily done.