Who Becomes Interested?
There are many aspects of this hobby that draw in members. Sometimes it is the ability to talk to others around the world at a flick of a switch...totally unreliant on anything other than the equipment in front of them. Some people come to Ham radio after learning what Hams can do for the community. Some like to work on electronics (Ham radio operators are some of the very few people who can design, build, and use their own electronic commuications equipment). Some are first exposed to the hobby as part of earinging a merrit badge.

Whatever the reason, several traits are common among many Ham radio operators:

  • An interest in radio communications
  • An interest in electronics
  • An interest in science (radio wave theory, propogation, generation and detection)
  • An interest in serving their community, family and friends.
The list can go on and on. But the underlying element is GET INVOLVED.