Why Should I Become A Ham Operator?

According to the FCC regulations, Ham radio operators may use various frequency ranges (called radio bands), to communicate across the country and around the world. You will be able to communicate with far off places, discuss topics of mutual interest, making friends and learning about this world of ours along the way. Some of the members of the Society see this as far superior to anything like Facebook or Twitter, as no intervening equipment is required. Some just like the challenge.

Hams may also design, build, test, and use equipment of their own manufacture (so long as they stay in the bands they are licensed for). "But I don't know how to do any of that," you might think. Well, there are a number of electronics kits that exist just to change your mind. From a simple QRP rig, consisting of only 20-30 parts to a full blown HF rig, consisting of maybe up to 1000 parts. It's all a matter of knowledge and skills obtained along the way.

Most importantly, Hams can "pay back" their country for the privileges given to them by helping in emergencies. Using their rigs, whether commercially manufactured or "home brew," Hams can provide a mobile communications network unrivaled in diversity, with just a flip of a switch. Societies, such as ATS, help Hams learn communication techniques that have proven useful during disasters. These techniques help alieviate pain and suffering, promote health and welfare, and can be life saving. Helping your fellow human carries with it one of the highest of rewards.

All it takes is GETTING INVOLVED.