ATS Survival Kit Ideas
A survival kit takes a first aid kit one step further, in that it attempts to keep you alive for a couple of days so that  can find you. This is typically accomplished through such skills as are taught by the Boy Scounts of America, namely basic outdoorsmanship.

There are also a number of vendors who will sell you kits that are meant to help you "rough it" for a night or two. Again, having one of these kits does you very little good if you don't have the training to make use of their contents. Having the training and no kit is equally bad. So, learn how to survive in the wild. Take a class, go camping in the back yard with just your survival kit, and see how it works out.

Once you have the training necessary, you'll be surprised to see that most of what you need to "survive" can fit into a very small tin can. Here is a "starter list" of what might prove useful.

  • Mini-mag light (red LED based one), spare batteries
  • Leatherman-type multipurpose tool
  • Collection of writing implements (permanent pens, pencils, and crayons)
  • Paper and or super-sticky Post-its
  • Swiss Army Knife (with a locking blade)
  • Child-safe lighter
  • Small pocket compass
  • Safety whistle (you can blow on this long after your voice gives out shouting)
  • Red Bandanna and signal mirror (plastic), to get attention of overflying searchers
  • Several 12"x12" pieces of heavy aluminum foil (can be folded into pots to boil water)
  • Wire saw blade
  • Small fishing kit consisting of:
    • Assorted hooks
    • 2 swivels
    • 8 split shot weights
    • 25' of 20 pound test line
    • 4 leaders
  • Emergency (space) blanket
  • 25' of heavy cord (550 military spec. parachute cord, if you can find it)
  • Large trash bag (can be fashioned into a poncho if need be)
  • Small candle (wrapped in foil)
  • Small hand saw (folding or bolt together)
- this page by "KC5UNL"