Why ATS cares about "Emergency Communications"
Oklahoma Emergency Communications - Logo The mission of any Emergency Management group is to minimize the effects of disasters upon the local community or area by preparing, implementing and exercising preparedness plans, assisting local government subdivisions with training for and mitigation of disasters, and by coordinating actual disaster response/recovery operations.

In addition to the preparation and implementation of disaster response/recovery plans, these groups also provides professional assistance and information for, and maintains liaison with, state agencies, federal agencies, American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and other voluntary organizations, Civil Air Patrol, local governments, industry and the general public. The primary purpose of these liaisons is to more efficiently and expediently provide protection and relief of pain and suffering for the people affected in the event of a disaster.

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ATS In The Big Picture

ATS members directly help their communities by helping to provide the liason and communications services between those suffering from disasters and those groups and agencies trying to assist. The common thread that lets us do this is our interest in Amateur Radio. Using our ham radios, we are able to directly and personally help when help is needed most.

We do this through a number of activities:

Practicing for disasters
We have a number of practice drills involving various groups throughout the year.
Training for Emergency Communications Nets
ATS members are abel to participate in locally run ARRL classes in emergency communications.
Emergency Aid Training
Thanks in part to our close ties to the Red Cross, many members hold Red Cross certifications in:
  • CPR
  • Disaster Assessment
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Operations

In short, we encourage our members to GET INVOLVED.