The Structure of Our Society
Our society is structured around Robert's Rules of Order, our Constitution and By-Laws. These two documents make up "the rules" by which we try to run our organization. As we make moves to become a 501.3(c) non-profit organization, these rules will, no doubt, have to be ammended.

As with virutally ANY organization of any size, there are things that have not been considered as of the time of our founding (in and around the end of June, 2011). As such, there is an amendment process included.

Just for the record, most of the verbage contained in our "rules" came straight from the ARRL. They offer these boiler plate samples for any and all clubs that wish to form.

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Our Officers
Our officers, as defined in our "constitution," are as follows:

Office Holder FCC Call Sign
President Sean Hudson KC5VGP
Vice President Olin Bond KM6MC
Secretary David Bond KF5CMR
Treasurer Kelvin McMillian KF5MKV

As is described in our "constitution," all offices are for a calendar year, ending December 31'st. Thus, these people will be "in office" for roughly the first six months.

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Business Meetings
We will attempt to use our Yahoo!Group to keep both the agendas and subsequent meeting minutes "out in the open" so that all of our membership may see what has/is going on in the group.

Additionally, as stated previously, we will be using Robert's Rules of Order at all of our Business meetings to keep them as short as possible. Attempts to "veer off course" will be politely defered until AFTER the meeting.